Laura D.

I honestly do not know what I would do without this company and these folks in my life. I have been using them since the birth of the company (and coincidentally, since the birth of my own kids!) over 10 years ago, and I have always been surprised by how each experience has been better than the one prior!  No problem is it too small for them or too big for them - they are perhaps the most patient people I have ever encountered in life. If I want to understand how things work, they are more than happy to explain. If I'm too scared or short on time, they just handle it for me. I've used them to help with pretty much everything in my house that has a power button ! I'm a single mom with three kids and I have moved five times in the past six years. They have followed me with each move! My kids often pull cords out or press incorrect buttons and I summon Tekology in a total panic. Never once do they leave me in a jam. These guys are so great, you will ask them to stay and have dinner with you, I promise. You will probably wish they lived with you. I suppose my only complaint is that I have become entirely too reliant on them and cannot seem to troubleshoot or fix much myself.!! All kidding aside, I don't think there's anything they cannot do, and do extraordinarily well.